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Are You A Witch?

"Are You a Witch?" That's the question that Strange Unknown magazine asked its readers in 1967 while encouraging them to send in letters explaining how they have "put their powers to work." If their letter was selected for publication the writer was paid $5 (with inflation that amounts to about $41, which is more than… Continue reading Are You A Witch?

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Strange Unknown: Witchcraft in 1967

In the late sixties Myron Fass, the renowned American publisher of many cheap pulp magazines and horror-themed comic books, took notice of the public's growing fascination with the paranormal. The result was Strange Unknown, a short-lived endeavor released by Fass' Tempest Publications that landed on newsstands in 1967. After two issues it disappeared into the… Continue reading Strange Unknown: Witchcraft in 1967

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Bigelow’s Zodiac Carpet Campaign

By the late 1960s, the Age of Black Aquarius was in full swing. The occult revival had gone mainstream, and pop astrology was becoming a hot topic at cocktail parties. One of the best examples of this phenomenon was the zodiac advertising campaign for the Bigelow carpet company launched in 1969.According to various newspaper articles… Continue reading Bigelow’s Zodiac Carpet Campaign

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Witches in Cincinnati

In this interesting exposé from a 1972 issue of Cincinnati magazine local journalist Sandi Wilson, along with photographer Lawrence Zink, investigate Ohio's burgeoning occult underworld. The brief but fascinating article focuses on two young witches named "Michael" and "Tanith" who discuss their good and bad experiences with local covens while practicing magick. It provides some… Continue reading Witches in Cincinnati