Zodiac 1969 – Simboli Design

You may have come across a series of astrology-themed posters made by Simboli Design in 1969. These brightly colored posters featuring bold graphic interpretations of the 12 zodiac signs have been featured on clothing and in television productions trying to recreate a vintage vibe. A recent post on the DJ Food blog collects all 12 designs and contains some interesting information about the posters that is worth a read. It turns out that the posters are still being made today and you can purchase new prints directly from Simboli Designs at their Etsy Shop.

According to the company’s website, Simboli was a husband and wife design team but after doing some digging online I discovered that Geraldine “Gerry” Simboli passed away in 2019 at age 84. Gerry graduated from Philadelphia Museum School of Art and had a long career in the arts including working as the Art Director for Ladies’ Home Journal and as an illustrator for the Franklin Mint. Together with her husband Joseph, she created many interesting poster designs as well as toys, doll furniture and fine art wood sculptures.

Gerry Simboli

I always enjoy learning about women artists who are new to me. I’d seen these posters before and loved them but had no idea who was behind their creation. Women designers, particularly in the 1960s, weren’t always acknowledged and those that were didn’t often share the spotlight with their male peers. While researching Gerry Stimboli I was reminded of another husband and wife creative team, Charles and Ray Eames. Like Gerry, Ray had a gender-neutral name and shared a close working relationship with her spouse. Both couples also had marriages that lasted a lifetime.

More information about Simboli Designs can be found on their official website.

Author: Kimberly Lindbergs

Writer, researcher, and artist with eclectic interests.