Witches in Cincinnati

In this interesting exposé from a 1972 issue of Cincinnati magazine local journalist Sandi Wilson, along with photographer Lawrence Zink, investigate Ohio’s burgeoning occult underworld. The brief but fascinating article focuses on two young witches named “Michael” and “Tanith” who discuss their good and bad experiences with local covens while practicing magick. It provides some interesting insights into the Age of Aquarius and describes how witchcraft was a form of protest that young people could explore while investigating different spiritual paths and rebelling against a social and political system that was obviously failing them.

A few of my favorite takeaways:

An overview of some of the esoteric groups active in Cincinnati at the time.

Virginia Cameron, a fascinating local figure who was friendly with the popular occult author Hans Holzer, is mentioned.

A rather detailed look at spell casting that includes the making of a wax doll or poppet and stresses the importance of planetary magick.

Overall I appreciated the author’s skeptical but respectful approach to the topic and her observations, full of period appropriate colloquialisms, make this a fun and insightful read.

Author: Kimberly Lindbergs

Writer, researcher, and artist with eclectic interests.