It’s Virgo Season!

Celebrating Virgo Season by sharing this zodiac profile of one of David McCallum by an unknown astrologer from a 1966 issue of Fabulous 208.

McCallum was a popular British actor in the swinging sixties thanks to his starring role in the James Bond inspired television series The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and roles in films such as The Great Escape, Billy Budd and The Greatest Story Ever Told where he played Judas to Max Von Sydow’s Jesus. I’m a big fan so I found this particularly interesting.

How does this zodiac profile compare to Virgos you know in your own life? I can spot some similarities. I also happen to have a lot of Virgo placements n my own natal chart and although I would never call myself “alarmingly tidy” or “financially stable” (far from it in fact!) some might say I’m “outwardly hard” and I definitely spend way too much time thinking and not acting.

Author: Kimberly Lindbergs

Writer, Researcher, Artist, & Eclectic Pagan ♑ Sun ♏ Rising ♏ Moon

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