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Are You A Witch?

“Are You a Witch?” That’s the question that Strange Unknown magazine asked its readers in 1967 while encouraging them to send in letters explaining how they have “put their powers to work.” If their letter was selected for publication the writer was paid $5 (with inflation that amounts to about $41, which is more than most publications pay for 500 word articles these days!).

I don’t know how many letters the editors of Strange Unknown received and unfortunately the magazine folded soon after this issue hit the newsstand but the article, which was written by Warren Adkins (aka Jack Nichols who wrote under a pseudonym – more on him soon!), suggests the magazine had received many letters prior to publishing this piece.

Adkins’ article covers a surprising array of topics for a cheap pulp magazine including witchcraft practices around the globe, psychic phenomena and witch familiars. Even Maxine Morris aka Maxine Sanders, an important figure in the development of modern day witchcraft, makes an appearance. But please don’t take the writer’s often outdated and just plain silly ideas about what makes someone a witch to heart. This was written in 1967 and modern witchcraft has changed a lot since then.

If you’d like to know more about Strange Unknown magazine please see my previous article Strange Unknown: Witchcraft in 1967.