Dark Lady Played Black Magic

47-years ago the number one song on American radio was Cher's "Dark Lady." Topping Billboard's Hot 100 for the week of March 23-29th in 1974, this catchy pop-style murder-ballad captured the nation's imagination and told the story of a "Dark Lady" who was the "fortune queen of New Orleans." The song was originally a much… Continue reading Dark Lady Played Black Magic

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The Wyrd World of Occult Encyclopedias

Taschen is one of my favorite publishers and they have recently launched an intriguing new book series titled the Library of Esoterica. The series is dedicated to examining "how centuries of artists have given form to mysticism, translating the arcane and the obscure into enduring, visionary works of art." The Library of Esoterica showcases modern as well… Continue reading The Wyrd World of Occult Encyclopedias

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Zodiac 1969 – Simboli Design

You may have come across a series of astrology-themed posters made by Simboli Design in 1969. These brightly colored posters featuring bold graphic interpretations of the 12 zodiac signs have been featured on clothing and in television productions trying to recreate a vintage vibe. A recent post on the DJ Food blog collects all 12… Continue reading Zodiac 1969 – Simboli Design