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Are You A Witch?

"Are You a Witch?" That's the question that Strange Unknown magazine asked its readers in 1967 while encouraging them to send in letters explaining how they have "put their powers to work." If their letter was selected for publication the writer was paid $5 (with inflation that amounts to about $41, which is more than… Continue reading Are You A Witch?

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Strange Unknown: Witchcraft in 1967

In the late sixties Myron Fass, the renowned American publisher of many cheap pulp magazines and horror-themed comic books, took notice of the public's growing fascination with the paranormal. The result was Strange Unknown, a short-lived endeavor released by Fass' Tempest Publications that landed on newsstands in 1967. After two issues it disappeared into the… Continue reading Strange Unknown: Witchcraft in 1967

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American Folk Horror: Summer Solstice

"An isolated rural town where nothing ever changed until...Katie Ellenwood returned home to visit her suddenly invalided mother. Then the whole town seemed to vibrate with strange secrets. Antiquated farm machinery was restored. The cross on the church was replaced by a figure of a woman bearing sheaves of wheat, and the fiery parish priest… Continue reading American Folk Horror: Summer Solstice

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Reading Recommendations

A collection of links to articles & videos I've come across recently that might interest AstroMagick Lounge readers.Recommended Reads: Hearken to the Witches Rune: Pagan Hippie Folk Shenanigans By Dave & Toni ArthurExcerpt: "The Arthur’s were much admired by fellow folkies for their dedication into researching and unearthing not just traditional song but also to… Continue reading Reading Recommendations

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Celebrating Walpurgis Night with Black Sabbath & Aleister Crowley

One of my favorite Black Sabbath songs is "War Pigs" and it was recorded in 1970 as an antiwar anthem that evokes the occult but its message is timeless and its origins are fascinating. The track was originally called "Walpurgis" and was inspired by the international festival known as Walpurgis Night (Walpurgisnacht) celebrated on April… Continue reading Celebrating Walpurgis Night with Black Sabbath & Aleister Crowley